Exhibitions are platforms for innovation. However, in the exhibition industry itself, innovations have become scarce recently. With regard to the creation of new ideas, the ability of taking new perspectives will turn out as more and more crucial. In order to get creativity going, we have developed a toolset of three. With the aid of these, we can help you create and try new ideas, develop prototypes, and test marketability.


The agendum LAB is an inventive place for new ideas. These will either be invented maiden-like, transformed out of your existing business, or created by deconstruction.


The agendum INCUBATOR is the analytic place for verification and cultivation. Here we're focusing on new formats and framework, that promote and foster new business.


The agendum NURSERY is the place for »rapid prototyping«. Following the principle of »fail fast« we commercialise and scale business models and -ideas in a protected setting.

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